enewton Classic Sincerity Gold 4mm Beaded Bracelet

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You will fall in love with enewton classic sincerity pattern 4mm bead bracelet! This bracelet is a classic gold beaded bracelet with alternating bead sizes. The larger bead size is a 4mm and the smaller bead size is a 2mm.

Made with 4mm and 2mm, 14kt gold-filled beads
Hand beaded on high performance elastic for a slight stretch to easily roll on and off your wrist
Measures 6.25"
Stacks well with all bracelets
how should I care for my enewton gold jewelry?
Enewton is proud to claim that enewton gold jewelry is water resistant!  Enewton does recommend avoiding direct contact between your pieces and any harsh chemicals, which can be found in perfumes, cosmetics, and soaps, as they can cause the beautiful finish to darken much more quickly than they should.  Gently wiping the product down to remove chemicals from the surface of your pieces is the best approach when caring for your gold-filled jewelry.  To clean, simply use a soft cloth with warm water.  For a deep clean, our team loves using "Sparkle Bright Products All-Natural Jewelry Cleaner".  Enewton cannot guarantee that once a piece has darkened due to exposure that it can be salvaged, which is why it is important to take proper care steps throughout the lifetime of your jewelry so that you can enjoy your special pieces for many years to come!

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