777 Luck Candle

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The universe’s enduring symbol of good fortune, angel number 777 is a sign of luck and abundance.

777 shows that the energy around you is shifting, and a window of luck is opening. The universe is urging you to relax and let go of your fears for the future. It’s also a reminder that now is a good time to take a chance. Your life is bending toward its intended path.

The 777 candle is joy, abundance and comfort. The rich woodiness of Sandalwood marries with the powdery, romantic notes of Violet to curate a captivating aroma. Light the 777 candle and feel lucky energy surround you.

Fragrance notes: Violet & Sandalwood

Approx burn time: 80 hours

14 oz (10.5 oz Fill)

Made from a soy wax blend
Elevate and illuminate your energy with Sacred + Divine.

Hand-poured in Saint Louis, Missouri, Sacred and Devine candles are crafted with intention and purpose. The sacred and the divine flow into the wax and are released, along with heavenly scents, with the light of the wick.

Invite high vibrations into your own sacred space with Sacred and Devine angel number collection. In numerology, angel numbers are a repetitive sequence of digits that manifest to convey a divine message. All Sacred and Devine candles are crafted in alignment with these numbers so you can securely set your intentions while enjoying an elevated sensory experience.

All Sacred + Divine candles are crafted with high potency fragrances and natural oils, resulting in an expertly balanced soy and coconut wax blend that perfectly lends itself to a sublime burning experience.

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