Jan Barboglio Banquito de Milagro Bench

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Signed, Limited Edition little bench of miracles . . . hand-crafted, layer upon layer

Second Installment of the Heart of Barboglio collection, a limited line of pieces meant to intimately connect collectors with the soul of its creator.  This series embodies Barboglio's style and exemplifies the brand's spirit through many of its trademark materials. . . 

A modest bench with a history of its own . . . alive with hopes, dreams, and memories . . .

Start with wood . . . chiseled, sanded, left in the elements to age . . . add milagros, punched from iron, tin, and brass . . . hammered one at a time, layer upon layer, adding dept, dimension, grit . . .

Each milagro tells a story . . . a wish for protection, a blessing, a parable . . . but never complete - just as one's own life story - plenty of room to add, but always beholden to the past . . .

Natural finish

Dimensions: 17" x 9" x 16"

Care instructions: Clean with soft dry cloth.
Rugged and exotic. Beautiful and strong. You could be describing Jan Barboglio or her wonderful creations. Forged by hand in Mexico and finished in the age old process, each piece conjures the magic of another age. Combined with glass, silver, wood, leather and plaster, each piece is unique and completely recognizable as Jan's. Each piece is perfectly aged. No two pieces will ever be the same.


 Jan Barboglio's work has been a favorite of Robert's customers for years.